(Il mio inglese in questo momento non è funzionante al 100%, ma ho pensato di farvelo ugualmente sentire leggendovi un mio scritto.)

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When I came back home, I found you sleeping on my couch.
Your little eyes were shut, so I got closer. A sense of calm was filling the air and your sweet nose seemed to irradiate that feeling around the room.
It was a very tiring day. I was a blue collar worker and I couldn’t dodge my numerous responsibilities, so my workload was generally very heavy.
Anyway, everyone liked me and was very accepting of my flamboyant nature: I was gay, I liked kids, and hiking was my favorite hobby.
Still I wished I could be you. Your life looked so damn easy compared to my moral scruples.
On my part I pondered every action of mine, I didn’t want to hurt anybody, and I constantly wondered if my behavior was appropriate.
But none of these concerns was worrying you: you just wanted to be happy and in other words you didn’t give a shit about the rest.
Geez, how could I blame you? Happiness had deserted me a long time ago, so I could understand your aspirations.
In the end everyone has their nature and there’s no use in quibbling. Yep, I know that my words won’t convince you, at least in the short run.
And your puppies will grow up to be exactly like you.
But sometimes I think we should get busy building a better world for them.