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Thanks to the rolling sea
Thanks to the rolling sea
Living is good and living is fine, we’re happy as can be […]
We work all day but our hearts are gay, and while we work we sing.
The mighty sea is good to us.

Doing the best I can
I tried so hard
So hard to please
Oh no, my darling
What more can I do […]
You know I was the kind who’d run
Any time you’d call

Something blue
I guess that I’d better smile
Walking behind you down the aisle
I feel I’m walking to my doom
I’m really not the best man in this room

Hot dog
Hot dog, you say you’re really coming back […]
And baby, I can hardly wait
[…] But now you’re coming back to me
Hot dog, my heart is gonna go insane

Hard knocks
Hard knocks, all I ever knew was hard knocks
[…] Some kids are born as rich as a king
But I was born without a doggone thing

Santa Lucia
Venite all’agile
barchetta mia
Santa Lucia
Santa Lucia!

Dog’s Life
It’s called a dog’s life
What a life,
that’s good enough for me!

Run on
Go tell that long tongued liar,
oh well well
[…] Run on for a long time

You better run
For the bible declares you’re going to heaven, Lord
What the bible declares you do
Well now you’d better run